Effective as of 14th August 2019


1.1   The club ground is private and the forecourt facilities including the braai area and swimming pool may only be used by members of the club, and their guests.

1.2   Day guests may make use of the forecourt tables and club house facilities at the discretion of the Duty Officer.

1.3   No OPBC member may use the forecourt facilities with more than 6 guests at any one time. (This includes children) Any member wishing to have more than 6 guests must get permission from the Club Manager, one week prior to the intended date. Members who do not get permission will be charged function fees per guest.

1.4   Members are responsible for the safety and behaviour of all their guests and children.

1.5   No alcoholic beverages or other liquid refreshments to be brought from outside the premises and be consumed on club premises.

1.6   No food to be brought from outside the premises and be consumed on club premises except for braaing purposes.


2.1   Members will receive a discount at the bar and restaurant. No discount will apply without your membership card been presented.

2.2   The member discount is set at the discretion of the Executive Committee from time to time.

2.3   Only the member will be allowed to use their own membership card at the bar.

2.4   No persons under the age of 18 years will be served alcohol at the bar.

2.5   Members are expected to behave themselves correctly at the bar. Bad language or unruly conduct will not be tolerated and will be reported to the executive committee.

2.6   No smoking is permitted anywhere inside the club house.


3.1   No member may park a motor vehicle of any kind on the premises unless it displays a current Membership motor vehicle disc.

3.2   Non Members must park outside the club grounds.

3.3   No boat or trailer may be parked or launched on our premises without displaying the OPBC number as well as current COF sticker on both.

3.4   No vehicle may park in a demarcated trailer parking. This will result in your wheel being clamped, there will be no exceptions.

3.5   No boat or vehicle may park overnight within the club premises without the authority being granted by the Club Manager.

3.6   Members storing surf-ski’s in the containers do so at your own risk. The club will not be held responsible in the event of damage or loss from any cause whatsoever.

3.7   The club accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any damaged caused to motor vehicles, trailers or boats while parked or mobile in the parking area.

3.8   Any vehicle and trailer not parking correctly within the demarcated parking area or hindering the movement of traffic will be:

3.8.1 reported to the disciplinary committee, or

3.8.2 have their wheel clamped, or

3.8.3 have their trailer removed.

3.9   The site and facilities may not be used for any form of commercial activity without written consent of the Executive Committee.

3.10 No fish for commercial purposes may be off loaded, transferred, trans-shipped or removed from any boat using our facilities within the premises of the club without the express permission of the executive committee.


4.1   Only watercraft displaying a valid OPBC disc, OPBC Number and conforming to our safety standards may be launched.

4.2   Day members must conform to the safety standards and are subject to on the spot scrutiny.

4.3   All craft i.e. jetskis and boats with engines over 15hp require to be marked with an approved number, have certificates of fitness sticker and be operated by or under the constant guidance of a certificated skipper.

4.4   The club reserves the right to stop any member or non-member from launching in violation of the above points or if it is unsafe to launch due to bad weather conditions.

4.5   Persons may not stop their trailer on or congest the launching ramp in any way. Failure to move your vehicle and trailer immediately will be reported to the executive committee.

4.6   No vehicles or trailers are permitted to park in the demarcated turning circle area.


5.1   Only steerage speed is allowed in the Club Harbour. It is a NO WAKE area.

5.2   There is a 5 minute waiting period at the floating jetty for boats and 20 minutes for jetskis. You may not moor for longer than this period while waiting for crew or trailer or leave your boat unattended for any amount of time. Skippers need to exit the harbour and leave the jetty clear for other boats to retrieve or drop off their crew.

5.3   Boats and jetskis must be moored on the correct side of the jetty.


6.1   Garage owners need to keep the gate locked at all times.

6.2   Non-members entering the compound need to be accompanied by a member at all times.

6.3   Vehicles parked within the compound may not block the entrance to garages or hinder the movement of other vehicles or boat trailers.


7.1   Complaints by members must be emailed directly to the club manager. NO complaint or dispute will be dealt with if emailed directly to a committee member.

7.2   NO complaints will be accepted or dealt with via the Whattsapp forum.

7.3   Depending on the severity of the complaint it can be either:

6.1.1  Dealt with by the club manager

6.1.2  Immediately reported to the executive committee for further action

6.1.3  Dealt with at the next committee meeting

7.4   Once a complaint has been received through the correct channels, the club manager or a committee member may be appointed to deal with the complaint or communicate directly with the member. This is at the discretion of the executive committee.

7.5   If a member feels that the complaint or dispute is not dealt with adequately, they may request permission to address the executive committee directly.

7.6   In the case of notification of disciplinary action against a member, the member may request permission to address the executive committee directly.

7.7   Undue criticism or personal attacks on members, committee members or club managers will not be tolerated. Verbal abuse directed towards staff, committee members or management will result in immediate disciplinary action against that member.


The Whattsapp forum is for the enjoyment of all members. Please ensure you do not abuse it by:

8.1   Posting information that is not relevant to the ethos of our club

8.2   Having private chats

8.3   Using it as a forum to vent anger, frustration or complaints against fellow members, club management or the committee.

8.4   Posting inappropriate images, jokes or swear words


9.1   No Animals are permitted on the premises.

9.2   Right of admission is reserved.

9.3   Membership cards must be carried when using our facilities.

9.4   All persons use The Oceana Power Boat Club, the boat compound and all facilities at their own risk. The club accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any loss of life, damage, injuries sustained or for any reason not stated while using these facilities, either directly or otherwise.

9.5   Any contravention of these by-laws may lead to strict disciplinary action being taken by the Executive Committee. This could include cancellation of membership or suspension from the club for an amount of time depending on the severity of the contravention and/or actions towards management or the committee. The outcome of the disciplinary is at the discretion of the Executive Committee and is deemed final.

Please click here to download a pdf of the By-laws.


Please click here to download a pdf of the constitution.