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The launching facility at the club is open to the public. However, please note the club grounds are private and may be used by members of the club, and their guests only.

All water craft must display a valid OPBC disc and number and conform to all safety standards. Non-members need to pay a launching fee of R120 per launch and retrieval. Your boat or jet ski must conform to the safety standards and are subject to on the spot scrutiny by the safety officer. You will not be allowed to launch otherwise.

No member may park a motor vehicle of any kind on the premises unless it displays a current Membership motor vehicle disc. Non-members must park OUTSIDE the club grounds.  Non adherence to this will result in the non-member being barred from using the slipway in the future.

Only steerage speed is allowed in the Club Harbour. It is a NO WAKE area.

When entering the harbour all boats will tie up on the left hand side of the jetty (i.e. starboard side of the boat). The right hand side of the jetty is for jet ski’s only. Boats and jet ski’s may not be left moored on the jetty without the skipper. Boats may only be tied up to the jetty for a maximum of 10 minutes only.

No vehicles or trailers are permitted to park in the demarcated turning circle area.



All craft (i.e. jet ski’s and boats with engines over 15hp) are required to be marked with an approved number, have certificates of fitness (CoF), and be operated by or under the constant guidance of a certified skipper.